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Only a few car manufacturers can praise themselves with a lot of very good and attractive vehicles. Everyone makes mistakes and at most it is easy to make them too much to maintain the quality to a high standard. However, this is less the case with those who are using normal sports cars, and never happens with Ferrari. A long tradition, which is marked with several crises, has made this manufacturer only stronger and showed the people working there on which one can make excellent vehicles. Ferrari is known today, of course, worldwide, and although every line has a history behind it, there are those who are more attractive to the market and who are more attractive to us. 

The unique red color, which can not be used by anybody else who brought these cars so much attention, was not always a thing. 166 Inner was the first inter- national success of the company and the succession of the incredibly successful 166 racing cars. Today you can see it as a vintage relocation car, but one of those still looking cool and on the road are the fastest. The 250 TR Testarossa was Ferrari's first car to wear the familiar red color on the top of the engine, which is a feature today. Although some are considered not as attractive, this is one of the coolest ever made, and its appearance is something that may come from the future. You know it certainly from the TV series 'Miami Vice' because the testarossa was there a real sensation. His wonderful "folding eyes" made a whole new breathtaking figure you could buy from 1984 to 1996. Today you have to fight a bit harder to get one. LaFerrari will cost you a whole fortune only if you get the chance to get one, because only 499 will ever be built, and all are already reserved. One of the fastest is named after the son of the founder and can drive up to 350 kmh.

About Ferrari-Suisse

There are so a lot of cars today that you can almost go nowhere without seeing one in the reach. But this is not a bad thing, because we are developing, and the world with us together, which is quite natural. Life is faster, and it must be so, for our knowledge is greater than they have ever been. For these, but also for several other reasons, we must now have the fastest and safest vehicles mankind has ever seen. Many big and well-known manufacturers work very hard on it, and one of the leading is Ferrari. The technology and design there are nothing for beginners and go to a whole new level, while you can also feel tradition in every movement and line.

This Italian automobile manufacturer has a tradition of more than 70 years, which began with racing cars. The racing driver Enzo Ferrari had a unique idea that we can all see today, so it would be unimportant to talk about it. The idea, however, was born about 20 years before, and it took so long for the first Ferrari to be made. 

Until then, Enzo worked with his staff on design and solutions. The first car that can be described as a real Ferrari is the 125 C Sport built in 1947 and the one with a 1.5 liter V12 engine. At that time, the manufacturer only concentrated on racing cars to have a better chance of selling them and spreading the business. With the years, Ferrari succeeded in many crises, whereby the first happened in only 13 years, whereby Ford wanted to buy it, but from it would nothing. They always managed to keep their heads up and grab the future, which has brought to some of the biggest legends of the automobile industry. Today, Ferrari is a car manufacturer with a logo that can be recognized anywhere and always receives respect from others.

Best luxuri cars for women 2017

Now it is not a real riddle but several reasons lie behind it just that one can connect luxurious cars with rich men. These women love to drive even such vehicles and own them, which is something new and, of course, good, which one could not even imagine a few decades ago. Thank goodness, everything changes with time, and the good changes like these, which can be seen even on the Zürich scene, make it clear to everyone that we are on a good way. Back to the fast cars and the ladies they like.

Colors, interior and exterior decoration and even decoration can provide cars to a whole new level that borders with art. The biggest reason is that over time the vehicles have become more than just that. They are a part of personality, or even something like clothes and decor. And women like these things very much, so you can easily find the link there. Especially this is easily seen in the beautiful ladies who themselves make their money and want to spend it so that they can show what they can achieve with their own abilities. This is not a rule, but it often occurs and at most it is very true. That's why you'll be having fun with the Zürich fun and the stunning ladies who work there often see Ferrari cars. They do not have to be pink or purple to belong to a woman, the style knows no boundaries.

 You yourself will get better with these if you drive such a vehicle. Because they love to travel, explore the world, and just have fun with life. The luxurious side of it all is always more beautiful and exciting and gives you a higher self-esteem that is still important. You can learn from a few things only when you see the car he or she drives. And it is important to know in what situation people are. For ladies, not only does a Ferrari show that they live in a higher class, but also their clothes, decorations and much else. But in the end, it is the vehicles that turn the heads of most heads and attract attention. To drive a really horny car gives you the feeling to have control over everything and in the possibility to be more directed at. It brings a power and the adrenaline you get with it makes everything so clear, quiet and easy. Safety comes first, so be patient and do not make decisions that can cost you and other people their lives.